Jeeps and beer

What do you get when you spell Jeep backwards and upside down?  Beer!  Jeeps and beer were meant to go together, a bottle opener was built into the JK!

There are countless items with the Jeep beer logo, like the shirt below.

Following are a couple of examples where a Jeep has been used in the marketing of a beer.

I can’t yet give a review on Hamms Beer, however I can say that the commercial is pretty cool.  I am sure that a commercial like this would not be produced today, with the safety of the bear as the excuse.

I thought the guy was nuts for driving with the rock catcher folded down, but he’s driving around with a bear in the Jeep!  That commercial makes me want to try a Hamms!

A beer that I have tried, and do highly recommend is Founders Brewing Company’s All Day IPA.  As you can see, All Day IPA has the classic Jeep Grand Wagoneer on it’s label.

All Day IPA is a Session Ale, a style of beer not as bold as some of the craft beers you may have tried.  Here is the Brewmaster that created All Day IPA, Jeremy Kosmicki explaining what a Session Ale is.

I believe the label is fitting, as I would enjoy driving my Jeep out to the campsite, and enjoying some All Day IPA.

I have not been here yet, however I learned of a bar that serves beer from a Grand Wagoneer!  The Hopsmith Tavern in Nashville, TN.  Just from the tap handles on display, I would say that it’s worth a visit!

And as a Jeep owner, sometimes you just need a beer after you had a good day out wheelin’, or something broke, or you’re just wrenching away on a new modification in the garage.

Remember, NEVER drink and Jeep(Drive)!

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