6/25 – Mod Monday / Rock Rails

This Monday’s mod looks at a critical area of body protection and rock rails.  Rock rails or rock sliders, jack rails as they are sometimes called provide protection to the body sides when off road, especially in rocky conditions, as the name implies.

Rock rails not only provide an upgrade to the aesthetic and protect the body, they can actually help get your seven slat vehicle in getting off of an obstacle.

I am not sure if the HMMWV ever came with rock rails from the factory, however they should have, and if you still need some for your HMMWV, check out the HMMWV Jack Rails and Rock Sliders from Damage Control Customs.

The HMMWV Jack Rails and Rock Sliders will provide much needed protection to the body of your HMMWV.

I do know that the HUMMER H1, H2 & H3 were available with rock rails as an option.  And like the H1/H2/H3, rock rails are an option with a Jeep.  When it comes to the JK Jeep, the Rubicon model came standard with them, and some folks even call them Rubicon Rails.

Rock rails are also standard on the Willy’s Wheeler models, and show up on many of the other JK special editions.

Many folks will remove rock rails for side steps, which makes take-off rock rails available to folks like me, who purchased a JK Sport model, without any body protection.

Even if you don’t plan on doing any serious rock crawling, make sure that your seven slat vehicle has a good set of rock rails bolted on for protection!

– Chris

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