The MUTT – Transition from Jeep to HMMWV

I know!  It’s not a seven slat vehicle, it’s a six slat vehicle – placed horizontally, it’s a MUTT!!! The “Truck, Utility, 1/4-Ton, 4×4, M151”, nicknamed the MUTT was a military vehicle (I won’t call it a Jeep!) that was in service after the Jeep, and before the HMMWV.

The M151 was developed by Ford Motor Company in the early 1950’s as a replacement for the Jeep.  It’s worth noting that the M151 designed by Ford, following a US Government spec, just like the original Bantam Reconnaissance Car.

While Ford is credited with winning the design competion, Kaiser and AM General were awarded production contracts as well and between 1959 – 1982, over 100,000 MUTT’s were produced.

Although it’s not a Jeep, the MUTT did get prominent convention center space at the 75th Jeep Anniversary / 2016 Toledo Jeep Fest.  Check out my previous post on the event for full details –

So why is the MUTT the transitional vehicle from the Jeep to the HMMWV???  The M151 maintained the basic overall dimensions of Willys M38A1, however introduced independent front and rear suspension.


Independent suspension systems proved itself in being able to cross rough terrains at higher speeds, however the M151 was not without it’s growing pains, due to the independent suspension.  There were several roll-over incidents with the earlier MUTTS, which hampered it’s civilian use.

Just as the original Jeep, the MUTT proved itself as formidable combat platform.

The M151 was still in use during the first Gulf War by the Saudi Army.

So the MUTT was the Snickers bar that got the Jeep to become the HMMWV…who out there has a M151, and are you wheelin it?

– Chris


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