7/9/2018 – Mod Monday / “Oh Nuts!”

This weeks mod is for most all Jeep owners, replacing OE lug nuts.  Many will ask, “How is this a mod?

I don’t recall that my 1978 CJ-7 had them, however I remember that my 1990 YJ had the lug nuts with the stamped chrome cap over top of the lug nut itself.  This design has been used on most newer cars for many years.

This stamped cap lug nut will eventually cause you an issue.  These type of lug nuts are prone to corrosion between that actual lug nut and the cap, causing the cap to bulge, loosen and eventually fall off.  The lug nut will be a different size than that of your lug wrench, and very difficult to remove when necessary.

I ran into this issue with my YJ many years ago, when I had a branch puncture a front tire.  I may, or may not have been wheelin where I should not have been, and I had a hell of a time changing the wheel.  One of the lug caps had been missing for a while, and the exposed wheel stud had corroded, and made it very difficult to remove the lug.  Another cap came off and got stuck in the lug wrench.

Replacing the OE lug nut with a quality 1-piece lug nut, will alleviate these concerns, as well as make your wheels look a little bit better.

I installed a set from Gorilla, however there are several quality sets available from your local tire store, Amazon, Quadratec and others.

Replacing the OE lug nuts is not a mod that will enhance the capability of your Jeep, however when you need to remove a wheel, you’ll be glad that you did!

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