2018 Toledo Jeep Fest – Parade

The 2018 Toledo Jeep Fest was GREAT!  Great weather, and a great turn-out of every type of Jeep imaginable!  I’ll be posting about all of the great Jeeps, and Jeep stuff that I saw in the coming days, however wanted to post up my initial lot of photos from the +1,500 Jeep Parade!

Please be sure to check back throughout the week for more about the 2018 Toledo Jeep Fest.

1 thought on “2018 Toledo Jeep Fest – Parade”

  1. Great pictures, looking forward to see more! I hope the city of Toledo sees this. They’ve got a MASSIVE winner on there hands with this event and should encourage more vendors to participate. And if anyone reading has a food truck, get in on this for next year. The lack of food and drink vendors was astounding, so you could probably make a pretty penny over the the course of the 3 day event!

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