Jurassic HMMWV / Enter to Win!

You can now enter to win one of the HMMWV’s used in the movie!  Mayfield Built has restored and upgraded a HMMWV from The Lost World : Jurassic Park and is raffling it off to support the Carroll County, Georgia Fire/Rescue program.

Click Here to enter – You only have until September 6th, 2018!

Everybody knows of the more colorful Jurassic Jeep, however in the second installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, The Lost World : Jurassic Park, HMMWV’s were used in place of the Jeep.

The Lost Word : Jurassic Park was based on the 1990 book by the same name from Michael Crichton.

One of the HMMWV’s was used as a “Snagger”, used to capture a dinosaur, as shown in this clip from the movie, skip ahead to 2:46 to see the HMMWV Snagger in action.

And just like the Jurassic Jeep, there were a few Jurassic HMMWV toys available too!

Jurassic HMMW’s are cool too!  That is all!

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