2018 American Expedition Vehicles Open House

I attended the 3rd Annual American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House on Friday, 11/9/2018.  As with anything that AEV does, their Open House is a top notch event!

The center-piece of the lobby is an engineering buck of “The Original” Brute.  I recall that it was the TJ Brute, and the TJ Brute Conversion Kit that put AEV on the “Jeep Scene”.

AEV pushed their Open House back this year, from the Friday before the Woodward Dream Cruise, to the Friday following the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show, in order to have the new JL products on display.

Unfortunately, the transport with the SEMA vehicles and display was delayed, and did not make it back in time for the Open House!

However, two AEV Employee’s got on a plane, flew out West, and drove over 1,000 miles straight to get one of the JL’s to the Open House!

I left just before the SEMA JL arrived, however AEV is hard at work on JL product.

There was a GREAT showing of the JK Double Cab Brute’s.

One of the twenty, 20th Anniversary JK’s was on display as well!

And I think I spotted a REAL JK Minivan!  Now it doesn’t have a 3.8L, however it does appear to sit at least 6!!!

Apparently there is such thing as a JK Minivan!

I got to see a JK, with factory half doors, and I like the look!

And I NEVER get tired of looking at a Hemi under the hood of a JK!  The only giveaway that it’s not an OEM Jeep install, is the welded metal radiator!

I don’t know that AEV will ever cease to amaze and impress, and their 2018 Open House was no exception!  I HIGHLY recommend their products, and am looking forward to their JL line, as I will be turning my JK over to my kids in just a couple of years! 🙂

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