It’s time for a snorkel!  Besides looking cool, it’s cheap insurance while off-road!

During my most recent off-road adventure, I turned out into a puddle, that was on the backside of an opening that we had been playing in just a few minutes prior, that was a bit deeper than it looked!

While this situation did not pose REAL any risk to my air intake/engine, it got me to thinking while I watched the water seep in thru the passenger door seal, I need a snorkel!!!

Now my buddy Dan…came damn close to the point of REALLY needing a snorkel!!!

Notice the passenger headlamp 1/3 full of water, and still draining?!  CLOSE CALL!!!

For the JK, I cannot recommend any other snorkel than the one from American Expedition Vehicles (AEV)!!!

The AEV Snorkel is a one-piece design that plugs directly into the air-box, giving the best possible seal against water into the engine.

The AEV Snorkel also fits nicely around the antenna, which appears to be an issue with the JL Snorkel from Jeep Performance Parts???  Notice that the antenna has been removed, and there does not appear to be a provision for it in the Mopar Snorkel?

The AEV Snorkel also allows for the rock-catcher to be folded down flat, although I have still yet to understand why anyone would want to do that!?!?

If you don’t already have yours, order your snorkel today!!!





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