The Gladiator is Back, and I Like It!!!

The Jeep Gladiator made it’s official debut on Wednesday at the LA Auto Show, in what I thought was an impressive presentation!!!

I had previously posted the question, “Will it Sell? – Jeep Scrambler”, and I am already wrong on one point…the Jeep pick-up was not named the Scrambler!!!

While some are upset that Jeep did not bring back the Scrambler name, I suddenly think that the Gladiator name is a good fit!!!  The Jeep Scrambler was not a huge sales success when it was new, and like many unique vehicles, has only gained in value and popularity since it has been out of production.

The Gladiator/J-10 was a purpose built pick-up, and it’s appropriate that the new Jeep pick-up bear the Gladiator name again!!!

Besides, who is really worried about the actual name that their Jeep came with?  There are countless Jeepers living in agony, needing HELP coming up with a name for their Jeep!!!


And if you are not obsessed with naming your Jeep, you now have a new lettering scheme to discuss the Jeep Gladiator.  The code for the Gladiator is JT, just like the CJ, YJ, TJ, JK, JL, so now we can discuss who has a JTR = Rubicon, JTS = Sahara or JTO = Overland???

Jeep gave the Gladiator a respectable payload and towing capacity, giving it a legitimate shot to compete in the mid-size truck segment.

There have been some detractors that believe there should be a two-door version of the Gladiator, however you can hardly find a full-size pick-up with only two doors still in production!!!

Speaking of doors…I have also read that Jeep should have given the Gladiator a larger rear door.  I imagine that the doors are interchangeable between the JT and JL, keeping the body tooling somewhat universal.

To me it’s more of a visual perception against the longer body-side on the Gladiator, and you don’t have the fender right there to contend with, as you do with a JL.  I do believe that Jeep made the rear door a little larger for the JL/JT, over the JK, so I do not believe the rear door shape will be a deal breaker.

I still question, “Will it Sell?” based on the MSRP pricing, considering the sticker pricing of the JL, however I understand that it is a product of the technology craze within the new vehicle market, however I still believe that an automatic transmission is too fancy technology!!!

I do like the Trail Cam feature for the Gladiator, considering the length of it!  A Trail Cam would be a nice addition to a four-door JK!

I see Jeep Gladiator owners helping the tailgate net industry make a comeback!!!  I believe that the same folks who change their grill, will also take off their tailgate for a tailgate net!!!

After seeing the reveal, and reading feedback on the Gladiator, I like it even more, and look forward to purchasing one in a couple of years when I hand my JK down to my kids!!!



4 thoughts on “The Gladiator is Back, and I Like It!!!”

  1. I like the idea of a “club cab” instead of a 4 door JT. The name of a Jeep is important! I am personally insulted that Jeep sullied the good name of Cherokee with that baby grand they built. 😉

  2. Tony,
    I like club cab too! I personally struggle to understand the obsession with giving your Jeep a name, and that people need “help” with it???

    Baby Grand??? I think that the Compass looks like a baby Grand Cherokee 😉


  3. lol People have asked me the name of my Jeep, I reply “mine!” Never thought of naming my Jeep, now if you ask me if it’s personality is male or female, definitely female! 😀

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