Jeep (JL) Stubby Front Bumpers

A stubby front bumper installed on your JL Jeep Wrangler can greatly improve off-road capability, giving you a better approach to the front tires of your Jeep.


Jeep offers an OEM version of a stubby bumper with the Rubicon Steel Bumper option that has removable end caps.


As far as replacement Jeep (JL) stubby bumpers, the options are plentiful!!!

Motor City Aftermarket

Motor City Aftermarket offers a GREAT stubby bumper for the JL, “Built with Tank DNA” as they state on their website, as they are closely partnered with a defense partner that produces parts for the M1 Abrams tank, Stryker vehicle, EFV, and Humvee.

All of their products are designed for no-drill installation, welded by AWS Certified welders and finished with SaltShield Coating System.


The M1 JL Stubby Bumper from Motor City Aftermarket provides a maximum approach for the front tires.


The M1 JK Stubby Bumper from Motor City Aftermarket also provides an optimal mounting area for a winch, as well as heavy-duty D-ring mounts!!!


Speaking of winches, Warn offers several JL Stubby Bumpers that of course integrate their winch products.

EAG – E-Autogrilles

EAG is a popular brand online and offers a more economical replacement stubby bumper.

Install a stubby front bumper on your JL to improve your off-road capability, and have the optimal winch location!!!