Top Jeep (JK) Mods – EVERY Owner should do!!!

Many new(er) Jeepers often post about “What mods should I start with?”  Following is my listing of the Top Jeep (JK) mods I believe that all JK Owners can and should do.  These mods apply to the Mall Crawlers, as well as the Trail Kings, any type of JK; Sport, Sport S, Sahara or Rubicon.

#1 – Replace the OEM lug nuts

The stamped cap lug nut will eventually cause you an issue.  These type of lug nuts are prone to corrosion between that actual lug nut and the cap, causing the cap to bulge, loosen and eventually fall off.  The lug nut will be a different size than that of your lug wrench, and very difficult to remove when necessary.

Replacing the OE lug nut with a quality 1-piece lug nut, will alleviate these concerns, as well as make your wheels look a little bit better.

#2 – Install JL Hood Latches

Any JK owner that has driven over 52 MPH knows about the Jeep JK “hood flutter”, and Jeep fixed this issue with the JL latch.

JL hood latches are easily installed onto the JK and are available for under a $100.00 from Mopar Parts Direct –

#3 – Upgrade the Front Track Bar

If you take a look at your JK’s track bar while you have someone turn the wheel side-to-side while parked, you can see the bar deflecting, even on a completely stock JK.  If you have lifted your JK, and/or added larger than stock tires, the deflection can be even worse.

I chose STEER SMARTS Yeti XD JK Adjustable Track Bar and it GREATLY improved my Jeeps handling!!!

I believe that the front track bar is a commonly overlooked cause of death wobble, either in stock, or lifted JK Wrangler.

My Top Jeep (JK) mods won’t make your Jeep necessarily more capable, however, you’ll appreciate these over time more than an angry eyes grill, hi-lift jack or Rhino-lined door hinges!!!