“Instant torque!”…”Sealed drivetrain for water crossings!”…”No more MPG worries!”…”1,000 HP!!!…and the list of silly comments goes on about the announcement that the HUMMER is returning.

The HUMMER isn’t returning!!!  GM is going to rebadge a GMC EV truck and hoar out the HUMMER image!!!

I have written about my take on an electric Jeeps previously, and you can link to that post here.

I find it laughable how many “sheeple”  believe first in global warming, and secondly that electric vehicles could have any impact on the fallacy of global warming!!!

Prager University has produced the most succinct explanation of why electric vehicles are NOT “Green”.

IF electric vehicles were ultimately MORE efficient AND better for water crossings and instant torque, why didn’t HUMMER electrify their line up years ago and keep the brand alive?!?!?