Jeep Reads

What to do under the COVID-19 “Stay Home/Stay Safe” lock down, when even the local off-road parks are closed?  Read about Jeeps!

My most recent Jeep read was The Road Chose Me Volume 1: Two years and 40,000 miles from Alaska to Argentina by Dan Grec, and was a GREAT read!  You can read more about it here.

I have already ordered Dan Grec’s latest book, The Road Chose Me Volume 2, about Dan’s most recent trip around the continent of Africa.  I look forward to reading it when it ships in May 2020!

One my all time favorite Jeep reads is The Story of Jeep by Patrick Foster.

I learned the most about Jeep from reading The Story of Jeep as it is written with clear and concise detail of the Jeeps history from it’s WWII origins, right up to thru the Wrangler TJ.  I highly recommend The Story of Jeep even if you have a passing interest in Jeep! 

The Story of Jeep explains how Jeep survived as a small “orphaned” automotive brand in a booming post-war America with great photos and illustrations!

The Story of Jeep also gives some interesting historical insight into the automotive industry.

Jeep Owner’s Bible: A Hands-On Guide to Getting the Most from Your Jeep (Owners Bible) by Moses Ludel is as much of a read, as it is reference manual that I have on my book shelf.

Jeep Owner’s Bible: A Hands-On Guide to Getting the Most from Your Jeep (Owners Bible) does not apply as much to my current Jeep Wrangler JK, however it’s a Bible written by Moses!!!

Jeeps 1941–45 (New Vanguard Book 117) by Steven J. Zaloga and Hugh Johnson is a quick read with great photos and illustrations documenting the variants of Jeeps produced during the war that were used in the multiple theaters and countries.

Sheep in a Jeep (board book) by Nancy E. Shaw and Margot Apple is a children’s book that I read to my daughter and son, hundreds of times!

And now that my daughter has her licence, she wants to drive my Jeep!!!

So during these crazy times, stay home and stay safe, and read up on Jeep!!!