Mod Monday – Magnuson Moss Warranty Act

“I am going with the Mopar lift installed by the Stealership, so I don’t lose my warranty”…”How big of a tire can I run without voiding my warranty?”…”Keeping it stock until my warranty is up, and then I will start modding!”…”If it’s installed when you buy your Jeep new, the modification will not void your warranty!”…and the list of opinions and questions goes on!!!

Many Jeepers will even argue over what mods, and how the mods are done to affect the Manufacturer’s Warranty on newer Jeeps.

The simple answer to all of these questions, and what settles this silly Facebook debate is the Magnuson Moss Warranty Act of 1975.

The Magnuson Moss Warranty Act is obviously a long legal document, however it states very clearly that the Manufacturer must demonstrate that the modification caused the failure of the part that you are seeking warranty for.  It also states that the parts do not have to be installed by the dealer.

If you find that your local dealer states that they are going to refuse warranty service because your Jeep has modifications, go find another dealer!!!

Dealers exist simply to sell vehicles.  As a function of their franchise agreement with Jeep, they are required to service the new vehicles that they sell.  Dealers must agree to predetermined labor rates, as well as labor times for repairs that Jeep will reimburse them for.  When a Jeep dealer has an opportunity for a “Customer pay” repair, they will maximize the opportunity for revenue to offset the perceived, or possibly real, deficit in revenue from warranty repairs.

In my belief, a new Jeep dealer is not the ideal shop to take your Jeep for repair, UNLESS it is a repair within the new vehicle warranty period.  Jeep dealers, for the most part, see only newer Jeeps, and the techs change parts until the Customers’ concern is satisfied, making them glorified parts changers.

I do not believe that a new car dealer is the best place for vehicle repairs.  Dealers often advertise that their Technicians are “Factory Trained”.  I have worked in the OEM Service realm and can tell you with confidence that there is no training of dealer technicians at any factory.  And what is a dealer technician going to learn from the folks who are assembling the vehicle at the factory new?!  However I digress…

Bottom line, mod away!!!  If a dealer tries to deny your powertrain warranty claim, make them show you the twisted axle shaft from the Dana 30 that you were running 38″s on!!!

Mod away, be smart, and stand your ground with any Jeep dealer that attempts to extort money from you that should be covered by the new vehicle warranty!!!