High Beam Off Road

It’s well known and well documented that the Jeep Wrangler comes from the factory with poor headlamps – https://www.iihs.org/ratings/vehicle/jeep/wrangler-2-door-suv/2017#headlights

While walking the vendor area of the 3rd Toledo Jeep Fest, I came across High Beam Off Road, and it looks like they have a solution!!!

High Beam Off Road offers LED lighting solutions for XJ, YJ, TJ. JK and JL!!!

All of High Beam Off Road’s products come with a Lifetime Warranty!!!

High Beam Off Road has some GREAT looking products, at GREAT prices!!!

Check out High Beam Off Road today to upgrade your Jeep’s lighting, and tell them you heard about them from sevenslats.com!!!

Cars & Coffee – May 19, 2019

I attended the first Cars & Coffee of 2019 at the site of the former Walter P. Chrysler Museum, on the FCA World Headquarters Campus.

Jeep brought out the J6, Flatbill and M-715 Five-Quarter Concepts, and they were VERY impressive!!!

The J6 was my favorite, however I don’t think that Jeep will put it into production.

The Flatbill Concept highlights the extremes that the Gladiator can be taken too!!!

The M-715 Concept looks too much like a concept to me, and not enough like a Jeep.  It certainly had a crowd around it!!!

Cars & Coffee is a regular monthly event that Chrysler has held, since they built the museum.  Unfortunately, Fiat closed the museum and turned it into offices for Maserati and Alfa Romeo.

As mentioned previously, Moparinsiders.com reported that the Chrysler Museum may be making a come back at the old Viper plant.

Click here for the complete article from moparinsiders.com

There were several nice Jeeps on display as well.

Cars & Coffee also had many GREAT looking vehicles on display!!!

Motor City Aftermarket

Need a bumper, rock rails or tube doors for your JK/JL?  Need tube doors for your Renegade?  Check out Motor City Aftermarket!!!

I attended the indoor Jeep Meet & Greet and was VERY impressed with the products and Jeeps on display.

Motor City Aftermarket products are made from “tank DNA” as they state on their web-site, as they are closely partnered with a defense partner that produces parts for the M1 Abrams tank, Stryker vehicle, EFV, and Humvee.

All of their products are designed for no-drill installation, welded by AWS Certified welders and finished with SaltShield Coating System.

Motor City Aftermarket has what I think a great solution for trail mirrors on the JL, when the factory doors are removed.  From the looks of them, I would think that there would be no vibration with them mounted to the rock catcher!!!

In addition to great products on display, Motor City had 40+ Jeeps inside on display, including Big Chief and Frakenbrute!!!

Shaun Day from Stinger Motorsport drove in their King of the Hammers rig and had it on display!!!

Check out Motor City Aftermarket today!!!



2018 American Expedition Vehicles Open House

I attended the 3rd Annual American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House on Friday, 11/9/2018.  As with anything that AEV does, their Open House is a top notch event!

The center-piece of the lobby is an engineering buck of “The Original” Brute.  I recall that it was the TJ Brute, and the TJ Brute Conversion Kit that put AEV on the “Jeep Scene”.

AEV pushed their Open House back this year, from the Friday before the Woodward Dream Cruise, to the Friday following the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show, in order to have the new JL products on display.

Unfortunately, the transport with the SEMA vehicles and display was delayed, and did not make it back in time for the Open House!

However, two AEV Employee’s got on a plane, flew out West, and drove over 1,000 miles straight to get one of the JL’s to the Open House!

I left just before the SEMA JL arrived, however AEV is hard at work on JL product.

There was a GREAT showing of the JK Double Cab Brute’s.

One of the twenty, 20th Anniversary JK’s was on display as well!

And I think I spotted a REAL JK Minivan!  Now it doesn’t have a 3.8L, however it does appear to sit at least 6!!!

Apparently there is such thing as a JK Minivan!

I got to see a JK, with factory half doors, and I like the look!

And I NEVER get tired of looking at a Hemi under the hood of a JK!  The only giveaway that it’s not an OEM Jeep install, is the welded metal radiator!

I don’t know that AEV will ever cease to amaze and impress, and their 2018 Open House was no exception!  I HIGHLY recommend their products, and am looking forward to their JL line, as I will be turning my JK over to my kids in just a couple of years! 🙂

Go to https://www.aev-conversions.com/ right now, to see what AEV can offer you!

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Who is going to SEMA?

Who is going to the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show next week?

What new products could they come up with for the Jeep?

I am looking forward to what American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) will have for the JL.

I will be at the AEV Open House, right after SEMA to get an up close look at the JL products.

American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House

It’s just two weeks away, the now annual American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) Open House! 

This year AEV has pushed their Open House back, to just after the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show, where they will debut their JL build.

Just like all of AEV’s products, this is a TOP NOTCH event, so RSVP today, and I look forward to seeing you there!



Rocks and Valleys / Wheeling for Ronald

I completed the Michigan Mayhem : Jeep Road Trip the weekend of September 14th, albeit over the course of 4 years, and not 4 days as in the Jp Magazine article!

I got out to Rocks and Valleys Off-Road Park for the annual Wheelin for Ronald event.  Wheelin for Ronald is an annual Jeep run put on by Brian Velkey of Szott M-59 Chrysler Jeep.

Brian’s family benefited from the incredible folks at the Ronald McDonald House when their son was born, and Brian organizes Wheelin for Ronald every year as a way to give back to a tremendously helpful organization.

My day was cut short when I cut a tire, which after careful consideration, was ultimately my fault as I did not heed the warnings that were listed with my JKS Swaybar Quicker Disconnects in securing the sway bar in a safe position!  More on that in another post!

After putting my spare on, I took a lunch break.  During the lunch break, there was a raffle of donated items, with all proceeds going to the Ronald McDonald House.

After the lunch break, I was ready to head back to camp, playing it safe as I still had four tires up on my Jeep. with a three hour ride home the next day, however…Brian offered me a ride in his AEV equipped Jeep, so that I could see all 200+ acres that Rocks and Valley’s has to offer.

And I was glad that I took him up on that offer!  After spending the afternoon with Brian, I was ready to head back up to Rocks and Valleys the next weekend!

As you can see, axle articulation in key at Rocks and Valleys!

Rocks and Valleys only allows Jeeps, trucks and side-by-sides, NO bikes or quads, which makes it a GREAT place for Jeeps!

After my weekend at Rocks and Valleys. it has DEFINITELY been added to the annual Michigan Wheelin Trip rotation!

ACE Engineering – Lava Jacket

The sudden change in the weather in the Mid-West caught me by surprise this past week!  It went from 80 degrees one day, to the high 50’s the next!

And since it didn’t rain, I never put the top on my Jeep…and I remembered a great product that I saw on display at the 2018 Toledo Jeep Fest, the ACE JK Lava Jacket.

ACE Engineering is known for TOP quality bumper, armor and accessories, however the ACE JK Lava Jacket is a really innovative idea!

Order yours today! 

Wrangler Wednesday / Jurassic Jeeps, just cool!

While at the 2018 Toledo Jeep Fest, watching the parade, there were some GREAT looking Jurassic Jeeps, that looked “picture perfect”.

I was in high school when Jurassic Park hit theaters, driving a red YJ, seriously contemplating getting some sand paint and making a replica!

Jurassic Park the movie was great, and taught us a valuable life and death lesson about Jeeps…LOCKERS BEFORE LIGHT BARS!  Just imagine, Dennis Nedry may have lived, if he didn’t have to get out of his Jeep!

While the movie was great, I read the book many years later and enjoyed it just as much.

While I have yet to seen Jurassic World – Fallen Kingdom, I did pick up a Jurassic World Toys Jurassic World Jeep Wranger Toy Vehicle, Multicolor for my Jeep toy collection.

Here is a “vintage” commercial with a Jurassic Jeep toy.

Jurassic Jeeps are just cool!  That is all!

– Chris