“Instant torque!”…”Sealed drivetrain for water crossings!”…”No more MPG worries!”…”1,000 HP!!!…and the list of silly comments goes on about the announcement that the HUMMER is returning.

The HUMMER isn’t returning!!!  GM is going to rebadge a GMC EV truck and hoar out the HUMMER image!!!

I have written about my take on an electric Jeeps previously, and you can link to that post here.

I find it laughable how many “sheeple”  believe first in global warming, and secondly that electric vehicles could have any impact on the fallacy of global warming!!!

Prager University has produced the most succinct explanation of why electric vehicles are NOT “Green”.

IF electric vehicles were ultimately MORE efficient AND better for water crossings and instant torque, why didn’t HUMMER electrify their line up years ago and keep the brand alive?!?!?


Meme Monday

Well here we are at Monday again, and what better way to start a week then with some memes!!!

I Don’t Think That an Electric Jeep is a good thing!!!

While listening to the latest, always great,  Jeep Talk Show podcast this morning, Tammy, Tony and Josh discussed the announcement of the 2020 Jeep Renegade Plug-in Electric Hybrid (PHEV).  They made a GREAT point about the enormously well-documented NEGATIVE impact that lithium mining has on the environment.

WIRED Magazine UK did a great article on the negative impact of lithium mining this past August, “The spiralling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction”, by  

I remembered the controversial 2005 report from CNW Marketing Research, Inc., “Dust to Dust – The Energy Cost of New Vehicles from Concept to Disposal”.

Dust to Dust contends that a Toyota Prius has a greater overall negative impact on the environment than that of a HUMMER!!!

Prager University has a GREAT video that busts the myth of vehicle electrification.

While electric Jeeps may be good for FCA sales, I don’t think that an electric Jeep is a good thing, for the environment!!!


Jeep / HMMWV Similarities

While perusing the Extreme Terrain web-site, after making my daily entry in the Lifted & Loaded Giveaway, I stumbled across their Mammoth General Matte Black Wheel, and remembered that I started this blog writing about how the HMMWV/HUMMER, is a product of Jeep.

While I am not a huge fan of custom wheels for looks, I like the Mammoth General Matte Black Wheel!

It gives the Jeep a little HMMWV look!

A more functional similarity is the placement of the snorkel, on the right-hand side.

What other Jeep / HMMWV similarities are there?

Who is going to SEMA?

Who is going to the Specialty Equipment Manufacturers Association (SEMA) show next week?

What new products could they come up with for the Jeep?

I am looking forward to what American Expedition Vehicles (AEV) will have for the JL.

I will be at the AEV Open House, right after SEMA to get an up close look at the JL products.

What could have been???

With the recent announcement that AM General is for sale, I got to thinking of what could have been, had American Motors Corporation (AMC) not sold to Renualt, forcing AM General to be separated from Jeep?

What if in AM General remained a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMC?  Would we all be driving a version of the Land Runner?

Would we still have our solid-axle suspensions?  What unimaginable alter-verse would we be living in?

Would we ultimately be driving what was known as the M151 “Mutt”?

HMMWV / HUMMER Commercials


There’s the old saying…”They don’t make em’ like they used to…” when it comes to many things as mentioned in the Jeep Commercials post.

However they DON’T make HMMWV/HUMMER commercials anymore!

Following is a brief compilation of the HMMWV/HUMMER commercials that were produced, and they are still fun to watch!  ENJOY!