“Instant torque!”…”Sealed drivetrain for water crossings!”…”No more MPG worries!”…”1,000 HP!!!…and the list of silly comments goes on about the announcement that the HUMMER is returning.

The HUMMER isn’t returning!!!  GM is going to rebadge a GMC EV truck and hoar out the HUMMER image!!!

I have written about my take on an electric Jeeps previously, and you can link to that post here.

I find it laughable how many “sheeple”  believe first in global warming, and secondly that electric vehicles could have any impact on the fallacy of global warming!!!

Prager University has produced the most succinct explanation of why electric vehicles are NOT “Green”.

IF electric vehicles were ultimately MORE efficient AND better for water crossings and instant torque, why didn’t HUMMER electrify their line up years ago and keep the brand alive?!?!?


What kind of Dress???

Apparently Jeep (FCA) thinks it’s a Jeep!!!  I had previously posed the question of what makes a jeep, a Jeep?  That post was met with mixed reviews, however according to autoweek.com, Jeep (FCA) seems to think that the Roxor is a Jeep!!!

Click here for the complete article from Autoweek…

Jeep (FCA) is trying to invoke the “Trade Dress” clause.  Trade dress, according to Wikipedia is:

“a legal term of art that generally refers to characteristics of the visual appearance of a product or its packaging (or even the design of a building) that signify the source of the product to consumers.[1] Trade dress is a form of intellectual property.”

For the price of a JL Rubicon, I would seriously consider going with a JL Sport, then buying a Roxor with a tow bar, and probably still be money ahead!!!

In a twist of fate, Mahindra North America was able to secure a spot on the main floor of the 2019 North American International Auto Show that opens this week!!!

I don’t know much about trade dress, however I am going to consider the Roxor to be like a Jeep, in the same vein in which I consider the HMMWV/HUMMER to be like a Jeep!!!

Ultimately, I believe that Jeep (FCA) will lose the argument, just as Jeep (DaimlerChrysler)did in 2002, as reported in the Toledo Blade.

Click here to read: “Appeals court rules in favor of GM in HUMMER grille fight”

I look forward to the Detroit Auto Show each and every year, and am especially looking forward to this years show to compare the Jeep, and the Roxor side by side!!!

See you at the show!!!


I Don’t Think That an Electric Jeep is a good thing!!!

While listening to the latest, always great,  Jeep Talk Show podcast this morning, Tammy, Tony and Josh discussed the announcement of the 2020 Jeep Renegade Plug-in Electric Hybrid (PHEV).  They made a GREAT point about the enormously well-documented NEGATIVE impact that lithium mining has on the environment.

WIRED Magazine UK did a great article on the negative impact of lithium mining this past August, “The spiralling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction”, by  

I remembered the controversial 2005 report from CNW Marketing Research, Inc., “Dust to Dust – The Energy Cost of New Vehicles from Concept to Disposal”.

Dust to Dust contends that a Toyota Prius has a greater overall negative impact on the environment than that of a HUMMER!!!

Prager University has a GREAT video that busts the myth of vehicle electrification.

While electric Jeeps may be good for FCA sales, I don’t think that an electric Jeep is a good thing, for the environment!!!


Jeep / HMMWV Similarities

While perusing the Extreme Terrain web-site, after making my daily entry in the Lifted & Loaded Giveaway, I stumbled across their Mammoth General Matte Black Wheel, and remembered that I started this blog writing about how the HMMWV/HUMMER, is a product of Jeep.

While I am not a huge fan of custom wheels for looks, I like the Mammoth General Matte Black Wheel!

It gives the Jeep a little HMMWV look!

A more functional similarity is the placement of the snorkel, on the right-hand side.

What other Jeep / HMMWV similarities are there?

What could have been???

With the recent announcement that AM General is for sale, I got to thinking of what could have been, had American Motors Corporation (AMC) not sold to Renualt, forcing AM General to be separated from Jeep?

What if in AM General remained a wholly-owned subsidiary of AMC?  Would we all be driving a version of the Land Runner?

Would we still have our solid-axle suspensions?  What unimaginable alter-verse would we be living in?

Would we ultimately be driving what was known as the M151 “Mutt”?

HMMWV / HUMMER Commercials


There’s the old saying…”They don’t make em’ like they used to…” when it comes to many things as mentioned in the Jeep Commercials post.

However they DON’T make HMMWV/HUMMER commercials anymore!

Following is a brief compilation of the HMMWV/HUMMER commercials that were produced, and they are still fun to watch!  ENJOY!

Jurassic HMMWV / Enter to Win!

You can now enter to win one of the HMMWV’s used in the movie!  Mayfield Built has restored and upgraded a HMMWV from The Lost World : Jurassic Park and is raffling it off to support the Carroll County, Georgia Fire/Rescue program.

Click Here to enter – You only have until September 6th, 2018!

Everybody knows of the more colorful Jurassic Jeep, however in the second installment of the Jurassic Park franchise, The Lost World : Jurassic Park, HMMWV’s were used in place of the Jeep.

The Lost Word : Jurassic Park was based on the 1990 book by the same name from Michael Crichton.

One of the HMMWV’s was used as a “Snagger”, used to capture a dinosaur, as shown in this clip from the movie, skip ahead to 2:46 to see the HMMWV Snagger in action.

And just like the Jurassic Jeep, there were a few Jurassic HMMWV toys available too!

Jurassic HMMW’s are cool too!  That is all!

Toys N Stuff – Jeep, HMMWV’s and HUMMER

With the recent closure of Toys R Us, I got to thinking that we will no longer be able to peruse the aisles looking for that unique toy, nor can the kids test drive their first Power Wheels Jeep or Hummer!  So I thought that I would post some unique toys and stuff that you may have stumbled across if you were able to wander thru a Toys R Us still.

I came across this EuroGraphics Jeep Vintage Ads Jigsaw Puzzle (1000 Piece) at my local Jeep dealer while waiting for service.  This is a GREAT looking puzzle, with some neat old ads, but notice…no JK’s shown?!?!?

Lego has yet to make an “official” Jeep, however I found that the LEGO Creator 31037 Adventure Vehicles Building Kit looks the most like a Jeep.

Although, Lego did make what looks like a green Army Jeep in a Toy Story set.

You can get a Army Armored Humvee – Battle Brick Custom Set

Check out this line of Jeep pedal cars!  They beat a Power Wheels Jeep from Toys R Us hands down!

I often wonder if Disney created the movie Cars, just to sell merchandise?  Either way, I am collecting all of the Sarge merch that I can, and the Disney/Pixar Precision Series Sarge’s Surplus Hut Playset is next on my list.

And what cooler addition to your collection of green Army men, than a HMMWV Platoon!

When I was a kid, I built models and collected die cast of my dream vehicles.  I am fortunate to own a Jeep now, however I can only dream that my silver Jeep Wrangler Sport would be built like this model!  I think it’s cool that they left the Sport sticker on the model!

This Hummer H1 Art Print – 11×14 Unframed Patent Print – Great Garage Decor or Gift for Hummer Owners or Veterans would be a cool addition to the Man Cave!

What were/are some of your favorite toys?

6/25 – Mod Monday / Rock Rails

This Monday’s mod looks at a critical area of body protection and rock rails.  Rock rails or rock sliders, jack rails as they are sometimes called provide protection to the body sides when off road, especially in rocky conditions, as the name implies.

Rock rails not only provide an upgrade to the aesthetic and protect the body, they can actually help get your seven slat vehicle in getting off of an obstacle.

I am not sure if the HMMWV ever came with rock rails from the factory, however they should have, and if you still need some for your HMMWV, check out the HMMWV Jack Rails and Rock Sliders from Damage Control Customs.

The HMMWV Jack Rails and Rock Sliders will provide much needed protection to the body of your HMMWV.

I do know that the HUMMER H1, H2 & H3 were available with rock rails as an option.  And like the H1/H2/H3, rock rails are an option with a Jeep.  When it comes to the JK Jeep, the Rubicon model came standard with them, and some folks even call them Rubicon Rails.

Rock rails are also standard on the Willy’s Wheeler models, and show up on many of the other JK special editions.

Many folks will remove rock rails for side steps, which makes take-off rock rails available to folks like me, who purchased a JK Sport model, without any body protection.

Even if you don’t plan on doing any serious rock crawling, make sure that your seven slat vehicle has a good set of rock rails bolted on for protection!

– Chris