Worth Watching!!! Jeep commercials!!!

  During the COVID-19 lock down, I find myself running out of things to watch, so I started searching YouTube, and came across some classic Jeep commercials.  ENJOY!!! Watching this 1984 Jeep commercial got me to thinking, the inspiration for American Expedition Vehicles logo?

WHY Does ANYBODY Think That This is a Good Idea?!?!?

Why does ANYBODY think that a cup mount phone holder is a good idea?!?!?  There are MANY things in life that I wonder about, however, a cup mount phone holder is borderline dangerous!!! I have always heard good things about WeatherTech Products, however, seeing their cup mount phone holder, the CupPhone product makes me cringe!!! …

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While attending the recent Motor City Aftermarket Indoor Jeep Meet & Greet, I got a chance to see STEERSMARTS product up close and personal.  It’s impressive stuff!!! STEERSMARTS offers a complete line of bolt-in steering components for JK and JL, and will work with stock and modified suspensions. If your Jeep is experiencing death wobble, …



I gotta call BULLSHIT on the Moke!!!  This deathtrap is street legal, and the Roxor is not?!?!? The Roxor is a Jeep CJ, and MUCH SAFER and road worthy than the Moke!!! A couple of my more recent posts have not been positive about the electrification of the Jeep brand. However, making a vehicle street legal …

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