It’s a Jeep, NOT a boat!!! IT ALREADY HAS A NAME!!!

As my buddy Dan demonstrated at Bundy Hill last year, a Jeep is not a boat, they don’t float!!!

Boats were given names, THOUSANDS of years ago when humans still believed in all kinds of superstitions such as the world was flat, and there were Gods of every season and any other unexplainable phenomenon. explains the origins of boat names very well.

You DO NOT need a name for your Jeep, and stop asking this INSANE question on social media!!!

Jeep Wave- ANYTIME!!!

I always wave at other Jeeps, even at night, which got me thinking…is there a Jeep Wave light?  It turns out, there is!!!

Check out Anytime Wave at,

Perhaps the Anytime Wave could help us pass the Jeep Wave to non-CJ/Wrangler Jeeps?!?!

I am pretty sure this may violate a local traffic law or two, but I like the idea!!!

Check out Anytime Wave at,, and tell them sent you!!!

Citizens Band (CB) for Trail Comms – Can CB make a Come Back?

Back when I had my first seven slat vehicle, a 1990 Wrangler (in 1992), cell /mobile phones, were not as ubiquitous as they are today…the CB radio however, was not yet TOTALLY forgotten…

Sidebar…remember the Nextel phone, and the Push-to-Talk feature?  Now, if that service still existed…and if it does, there can’t be more than two people that still have it…it would be the perfect trail comms solution.

Today, the CB radio is all but forgotten, however I believe that the CB radio is an effective trail comms solution.  Many in the Jeep community would argue for the use of two-way radios, or hamm, and I understand that these technologies are in many ways better, however for overall investment, ease of use, and practicality, I believe that the CB radio is the way to go for trail comms.

Below is my set-up in my 2014 JK.

For the radio, I chose the Midland 75-822 40 Channel CB-Way Radio.  I like the 75-822 as it’s an “all-in-one” design, and can easily be removed from the Jeep when not in use.

I chose a CoolTech VersaMount2 ( for my dash/grab-handle.  There are similar mounts available from Amazon as well.

I did have to add a Metal MIC HOLDER / Clip – Screw In for CB / Ham Radio to the CoolTech mount, as well as a Universal Replacement Microphone Hanging Buttonfor the belt clip that comes with the radio.

For an antenna, I chose the Quadratec JK-ANTMK-L Extreme Duty Stainless CB Radio Antenna Rear Tailgate Mount with 48″ Antenna for 07-18 Jeep Wrangler JK

I added the Firestik SS-3H Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Antenna Spring to my antenna mount for what little flex I can get between the tailgate and tire, however more for the couple of extra inches to reach above the top for better reception.


When routing your antenna coax DO NOT wind any excess coax in a circular coil shape, as this can cause RF (radio frequency) issues that will interfere with your signal. 


Very important is to tune your antenna, and I use the ASTATIC PDC1 100 Watt SWR/RF TEST METER W/ Workman 3 foot jumper CX-3-PL-PL as it is simple to use, and comes with the needed jumper wire.

I recently learned, while listening to the Jeep Talk Show, that it is a good idea to check and re-adjust your antenna tune if your antenna impacts anything on the trail AND if you remove the top and/or doors on your Jeep!  Below is a great video from Right Channel Radios on how to tune your antenna.

So that’s my set up, what’s yours?  Can we MAKE CB RADIO GREAT AGAIN?


I Don’t Think That an Electric Jeep is a good thing!!!

While listening to the latest, always great,  Jeep Talk Show podcast this morning, Tammy, Tony and Josh discussed the announcement of the 2020 Jeep Renegade Plug-in Electric Hybrid (PHEV).  They made a GREAT point about the enormously well-documented NEGATIVE impact that lithium mining has on the environment.

WIRED Magazine UK did a great article on the negative impact of lithium mining this past August, “The spiralling environmental cost of our lithium battery addiction”, by  

I remembered the controversial 2005 report from CNW Marketing Research, Inc., “Dust to Dust – The Energy Cost of New Vehicles from Concept to Disposal”.

Dust to Dust contends that a Toyota Prius has a greater overall negative impact on the environment than that of a HUMMER!!!

Prager University has a GREAT video that busts the myth of vehicle electrification.

While electric Jeeps may be good for FCA sales, I don’t think that an electric Jeep is a good thing, for the environment!!!


Jeep Hybrid :( – I DON’T like it!!!

While catching up on Jeep Talk Show podcasts today, I heard a news story about Jeep JL fires at a storage lot at, or near the Toledo, OH Assembly plant.

I turns out that the fires were due to an electrical issue related to the mild-hybrid system available with the 2.0L Turbo engine option.

And this got me to thinking, as our beloved Jeep has become mainstream, it has fallen victim to the increased EPA fuel economy standards.

The American Bantam Company took the chance and delivered the first Jeep prototype because they wanted to win the U.S. Government contract, and keep the Company in business.

Today, FCA is whoring out the Jeep Brand to keep it in business!  And as a consequence, we are faced with Jeep Hybrids!

Right behind the 2.0L Turbo mild-hybrid, a.k.a…“one computer fart away from the shoe-leather express”…we are going to get a Plug-In Hybrid Jeep for the 2020 MY!

As a life-long Jeep enthusiast, this is devastating!  I can assure you that you WILL NOT get a Jeep Wave from anyone behind the wheel of a Plug-In Hybrid Jeep!

Hybrid cars are a farce, and while they make a few people “feel good”, they are NOT at all what they are said to be.

Pragerhas a great video that explains the holes in the electric car theory.

Obviously you can tell that I am not a fan of hybrid and/or electric vehicles, and I discourage ANY Jeep owner, or potential Jeep owner from even considering purchasing one of these abominations!!!